Manuela, Coogee

I have been training with Katka for twelve years now. Previous to this I was never a true sporty type and didn’t care much for exercise, but I thought it was time to do something for ‘my body’. Twelve years on and I can’t imagine exercise not being part of my life. Katka did and continues to do a great job in transforming my lifestyle through integrating regular exercise, both cardio and weights, with a more healthy diet. I attend MyBody Kensington about two to three times a week and I love it. We are mostly in the studio, but in summer we do a lot of outdoor training as well. I especially enjoy the weekend retreats. The other weekend a group of us went to Bundeena for a health & relax weekend, we did lots of exercise and yummy healthy cooking too. I recommend Katka as a personal trainer to anybody who is serious about changing their lifestyle to become (or keep) fit and healthy.