Lucia, Randwick

I have been with Katka for many many years! We train once or twice per week. I am the person who doesn’t have a problem with overweight, but with the discipline and motivation. She helps to keep the training pace. I thought that I know everything about exercising but I was wrong. Right after the first session when I filled the questionnaire she made the postural screening with me and to my surprise she guessed (or knew ???) all my weaknesses. We have started planning my training sessions and modifying my diet which was irregular. Katka gave me a lot of variation in trainings she always brings new and new exercises, new forms and games. She always surprises me with something unexpected. I have noticed right after several weeks that my body started to change from the crooked slim woman to the upright and toned slender woman and the best thing about it was that I lost the pain I had in my back. I am glad I have her and that we can spend week after week the time together not only in the gym but in parks or playing some sports or taking part in group session.