As every person is an individual with specific needs, I take great care to provide every client with the program that meets their needs.


Initially there is a FREE consultation. This involves:

  •  questionnaire: including personal details, lifestyle and diet screening, exercise history, health screening, injuries and your goals
  • measurements: weight, body fat, muscle mass, water, visceral fat, BMR
  • test your strength and flexibility
  • correction of exercise technique and muscle activation
  • planning tailored fitness program.

This initial conversation helps both of us to understand your goals and reasons to improve your lifestyle and enables us to identify together the most suitable training program to deliver the desired results.

We usually start with one-on-one training session where  I cover exercise technique and correct activation of muscles. When you gain more fitness and technique we can incorporate a shared or a group session into your program where you will exercise with another client or a small group of people of the same level. If you would like to bring a friend along I can prepare the sessions to make it possible too.

All training sessions can be held Indoors or Outdoors depending on your preference.