Does swiss ball training improve core stability?

Researches have found that the use of Swiss ball training and swiss ball exercises is effective in enhancing your core stability & improving running economy….
swiss ball core trainingResearchers at Central Queensland University and Ball State University (USA) have found that the use of Swiss ball training or swiss ball exercises, either alone or as an adjunct to other physical training, to enhance core stability is effective. This type of training is different from old style ‘ab exercises’ or ‘ab work’, and focuses on deeper core muscles and improving performance rather than aesthetics.

The study investigated the use of Swiss ball training on core stability and running economy on eighteen young male athletes. The subjects were tested before and after training for stature, body mass, core stability, electromyographic activity of the abdominal and back muscles, treadmill VO2 max, running economy, and running posture.

The experimental group performed two Swiss ball training sessions per week for six weeks. Data analysis revealed a significant effect of Swiss ball training on core stability in the experimental group with core exercises; however, there were no effects found in any of the other measurements.

Further research would be required to explore whether gains in core stability & core strength from core exercises achieved through Swiss ball training are converted to enhanced physical performance.

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Reference: Stanton R, Reaburn P, Humphries B. (2004). The effect of short-term swiss ball training on core stability and running economy. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 18(3): 522 – 528.

Source: NSCA

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